If you are contemplating the use of a self-storage unit, you will have to think a few things over ahead of time. There are different kinds of storage units available, some which are climate controlled to help protect valuables such as clothing or books, which may otherwise deteriorate over time without it.There are a number of things to check out before you hire a unit, and here are a few of the most significant:


  • In a lot of cases, a storage unit provides better all-round security than most people’s homes. They offer a robust and sturdy lock, the facilities are guarded by perimeter fencing, CCTV surveillance cameras, entry only by gate, limited after-hours access, exterior lighting, security guard detail or on-site management. You may have an in-home security system, but what about something that is left outside in the garden or yard? And just how safe and secure is that back garden shed? With the simple hiring of a storage unit, you are provided with both the advantages of extra storage space, and exceptional security.

Business is Taking Off

  • Nowadays, the using of a storage unit for doing business has definitely risen and looks set to rise even higher. There are now all kinds of different businesses being run from top quality self- storage units by people who just don’t have enough space at home and choose this very simple option. A whole range of things from vehicle and furniture renovation, to eBay items, to stamp collecting to computer repairs, and many more.

Making the Big Home Move

  • If you’re looking at moving with experienced and reliable Cambridge movers, it may another great reason to use a self-storage unit. Perhaps you are leaving your current abode because of some unforeseen circumstances, whilst the new home is not yet ready to move in to. A number of people might be able to stay with friends, family or in short term accommodation over that period. But, taking furniture and belongings into temporary dwellings is not really going to be fun, is it? Simply hiring a safe and secure storage unit for all of your belongings, is the way to go.

Leisure Activities

  • Sports are a part in many people’s lives these days, but sometimes the sport they enjoy, is only a seasonal one. If that is so, and there’s no room at home, they won’t want to have all those pieces of equipment hanging around during the off-season. A wise and sensible idea is to place them in an affordable self-storage unit.

Now it’s easy to work out why self-storage units can provide much more than just a feeling of security. Presently, with self-storage units getting cheaper, more people than ever are taking out both short and long-term units for their needs. It’s a simple and manageable option and solution for so many of life’s little problems.

Remember to use one which is affordable and reliable and trustworthy!

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