It is commonly said that the woman is the queen of the kitchen, but it would be more correct to say that his “kingdom” extends well beyond stove and handouts: there is no corner of our homes that is not, pace of gentlemen husbands or children, under the control of the fairer sex. This means that even when you decide to proceed with a building renovation to the master of the house has a central role, although it is generally a job for strong arms of men.

Restructuring means to work on a property, in whole or in part thereof, to improve efficiency or simply to make it more pleasing from the point of view of aesthetics: creating a porch, replace the plants and change the look of a building are things that fall in various capacities under the concept of restructuring.

Building renovations can be, therefore, more or less invasive, depending on the type of intervention that has in the program. Whether we prepare to modernize the look of your home or that you should perform a functional modernization of the facility where you live, it may prove very useful to the woman of the house to follow a few simple rules, so as not to unduly disrupt their daily lives Home.

First, before proceeding with the renovation work is good to do an inventory of everything that is in the house. Bring a pen and paper or laptop and work on an accurate list of the items in your home (or / and room / and in which there will be jobs): in the chaos of movements might miss something, and a list will be useful when you have to pull out all the stuff from the boxes crammed with care.

If objects and furniture of medium size can be boxed without much difficulty, it is not so for sofas, wardrobes, wall units etc.. The large pieces of furniture can not be moved and replaced easily, unless you want to contact removal companies. How can the women of the house to shelter important sofas and furniture from dust, scratches and dents? Cover everything with sheets or large towels (preferably plastic, to avoid dust or liquids to penetrate and attack the surfaces to be protected), check that the furniture be moved with care and, if possible, that they are not made to stop the camera in places damp, poorly ventilated areas.

Roadmap: any construction project should have a well-defined timing since before the start of the renovation, and this is true for buildings which already lives, both for the buildings in which you will have to transfer. Since they are usually women to take care of the daily chores (to cook, wash, tidy up … what they say: run a house), the best interests of the fairer sex to enforce the roadmap of the work, so that the life everyday is not abused for too long. Know how long they will have to give up their habits will allow the hostess to study the best possible balance for the duration of the work.

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