When you decide to remodel your home it is important to have clear ideas about what to do and how to do, on time and cost. Whether you decide for the “do-it-yourself”, or we would rely on a specialist is also important to know that some costs are deductible on your tax return .

To define the project it is necessary to know what kind of action you want to perform and if that requires a permit to construct or comes in small maintenance works. Finally, you need to think budgets, evaluate his many and inquire: often not the case for building the rule of the most convenient, but it is always better to focus on quality first and then find a good compromise between this and the price.

How to set up a plan for the renovation of the house

By “restructuring” means the construction operations that affect a building in a partial or total, both inside and outside.

Before starting work, it is good to take several photographs of the surroundings and the parts that you want to restore, in order to view and point out specific interventions. Even before you take pictures, you should have good clear distinction between three categories of “upgrading”

  • Routine maintenance and small works;
  • Maintenance of small works;
  • Renovation works great.

This distinction is useful because it has two practical consequences:

For small works of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is not necessary planning permission and there is no need to pay any municipal tax;

For the great works is planned the construction permit and consequently the payment of charges proportionate to the surface and the building to be restored.
Interventions of small works without planning permission

Rrestructuring under “small works” include those ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations which are limited to certain parts of the building or to return to the same functionality provided it does not alter the external appearance and dimensions. Most of the interventions of minor building works carried out in Italy included in this category. For these jobs is not expected to question the City to obtain the concession, the important thing is that the owner is responsible for the regularity of the work mainly in accordance to the systems of safety and hygiene, and that the plant works (electricity, gas, electricity) are carried out by certified professionals. Invoices and certificates are important for the purposes of tax deductibility.

Specifically, we see what are the actions of “small works” fall into the category of routine maintenance.

Inside the building, building, apartment: repair and reinforcement of structures, walls and roofs, repairs and replacement of interior finishes, installation of double doors or deleted security, installation or moving of mobile walls as long as you maintain the balance of lighting and ventilation required by law.

Outside of the building: new roof, gutters and downspouts with materials different from the original as long as do not modify the technical characteristics of; facelift (keeping the same colors, volumes and characteristics above); replacement or repair of windows, doors external doors, gates, windows input, grates on the windows, park maintenance, construction of parking spaces at ground level.

Among the small works of maintenance that do not require building permits include the interventions of consolidation, renewal and replacement of parts of the structure of a building, such as retaining walls, slabs, lintels. Although it is not required to grant, to achieve these extraordinary maintenance is necessary to communicate to the City in conjunction with the start of the project. If within 90 days there is no response, the application shall be deemed accepted, even if the so-called “opt-out” not ‘no guarantee feasibility of the work that must still be within the deadlines imposed by the Building Regulations and the municipal plan. It is important, therefore, be followed by a designer.

Small works of maintenance include, therefore:

  •   Actions on structures;
  •    Construction of toilets and plant;
  •    Works that change the distribution structure of spaces;
  •     Interventions on the facades of the building;

Interventions on areas or structures belonging to or in the service building (concierge, creation of gardens, courtyards, green management).

It is important to reiterate that fall into the category of “small works”, the work of maintenance should not involve the construction of a building from scratch or completely different in form, appearance, and use the old one.
Restructuring with great works

When the restructuring entails a radical and substantial building both inside and outside with the subsequent change of use or change in size or even aesthetic and reconstruction of the building you need to get permission to build as well as if you same building a new building. It is therefore necessary to apply to the City of relevance and pay a fee to obtain the concession.

We consider “great works”.

The construction of new buildings and the expansion of existing ones (changing the volume and appearance);
The laying of mobile homes and prefabricated;
The construction of parking is not relevant (ie, parking spaces adjacent to the building, but they can also be sold freely and that do not fall into appliances).

Apply for a mortgage for the restructuring

Even in the event of restructuring is possible to apply for a mortgage. Banks require you to attach to the formal request, the following documents depending intervention within:

For routine maintenance only need the “estimate” prepared by the restructuring or issued by an accredited / authorized;
For the extraordinary maintenance must be submitted in addition to the “estimate” even the building project together with the application for building permission to the City, or the notice of commencement of business;

for the renovation with great works must present the “estimate”, the building permit and the receipt of the payment of municipal charges.

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