Carpet weaving is an ancient trade in India; and today the carpet industry in India has flourished immensely so much that India is considered to be the world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets in terms of value and volume. Around 75 percent of carpets manufactured are exported worldwide because of their excellent design, colours and quality. Indian carpets are famous and are well known for their magnificent designs and workmanship. There are hand- knotted woollen carpets, chain stitch rugs, pure silk carpets, synthetic carpets, and hand woven carpets.

With the unending demand for carpets the carpet manufacturing industries in India are flourishing; they are into manufacturing different styles and designs of carpets for various purposes. Some are sober that can be used at home while some are traditional best for festivals. These days grass carpets are also in demand; such carpets give the look of a garden and are even safe and easy to maintain.

Demand for grass carpets

More than the traditional carpet prints the grass carpets are in demand because:

  • The grass carpets help in providing lawns for the families to enjoy and have a fun and enjoyable time in the gardens.
  • They also provide safe and the best green space for the kids to play.
  • These carpets are long lasting and hardly get spoilt.
  • Green carpets are known to be stain resistant which means pets can also play on them as they are easy to clean.
  • They are also environmental friendly because they do not need any fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.
  • Such artificial turfs also don’t require watering; so they in a way help in saving water.
  • These grass carpets are easy to install and also easy to maintain.
  • They carpets do not require any mowing so therefore no emission or noise pollution is produced.
  • These grass carpets can also be cleaned at home but be sure to ask the seller about the various cleaning methods; one really has to give time for the cleaning of such green carpets.

Role of Indian government

The Indian government has also established the carpet export promotion council of India in order to promote the exports of handmade carpets and other carpet floorings.

  • It also provides necessary assistance to the Indian exporters.
  • Identifies their markets.
  • provides financial and marketing assistance
  • Sponsors fairs and exhibitions and also helps in publicizing them abroad.

Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh are the major centres of carpet industry in India.

Carpets give a soft feel whether they are printed, hand woven or grass carpets. The quality of the carpet is determined by the weave and the type of the carpet and also the quality of the yarn. Carpets can also change the look of one’s house or room; so make sure you are careful in choosing a carpet and also don’t go for the price but for its quality; as it is not necessary to buy something because of its high price.

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