When it comes to recruitment, especially for a housekeeper, nanny, or other member of household staff, most of us know what we want. We know the kind of personalities that we get on best with, we know which tasks and jobs we need a skilled professional to be able to do, and we know which additional skills can help to complement your home life and domestic staffing needs.

But do you know where to find someone to tick all of those boxes?

A domestic staff agency works on behalf of both the professional and the client – ensuring a good match between the two while protecting the interests of both parties when it comes to contract negotiations, pay, and more.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with an agency when searching for the right member of staff for your home.

They have access to the best in the business

An undoubtable benefit of partnering with an established domestic staffing agency is their access to the best and most experienced professionals in the business.

Instead of trying to headhunt housekeepers and domestic staff who you know and like, an agency will interpret your brief and specific requirements and find the best fit among the pool of available professionals.

They help you refine the job advert or vacancy listing

Again, you may know what you want from your new hire, but how do you effectively communicate that in a job advert or vacancy listing? This is where staff agencies come in, helping you to create a compelling advert which balances the requirements of the role with benefits and other details that you need to think about.

Attracting the best domestic staff professionals in the business means really focussing on the benefits and the areas of the job that will appeal to them – with our best advice being to consider versatility and flexibility for the right individual. For example, you might prefer a live-out member of staff, but do you have room for a live-in housekeeper if the right person comes along and requires that detail in place?

They do all the legwork

The third and final benefit of working with a domestic agency when finding and hiring the perfect new member of your household team is the amount of work they do.

Domestic staff agencies cover all bases so that you don’t have to – managing everything from releasing the job advert to reviewing all applications and vetting the prospective candidates so that you only have to meet with and interview those that are a good fit. Once the interviews are complete, a domestic staff agency can help to iron out the details and contracts, ensuring that all parties are happy with the arrangement before employment commences.

In short, domestic agencies make your life easier so that you can find the right fit for your home with ease. They deliver a stress-free process for you, with access to the best and most reputable professionals in the business. Get in touch with your local agency to find out more.

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