Moving your home is a daunting task and it involved lots of hassles. The last thing about moving the house is adding more to your packages. It is not possible to move mountains of things. So, getting things organised will help you in step by step.

2 Months Before


Go through all the rooms of your house; give a deep thought about things to need to take with you and things you want to get rid of. Decide which items extra care and packing during the moving needs process.


Now start searching for options for Removalists Company. It will be better to not rely on phone quotes entirely and general estimates. Get in touch with professionals like removals Uxbridge who will serve you best to get a correct estimate.

Moving Binder

It will be good if you create the moving binder as it will aid in keeping track of each and everything like estimates, receipts and all inventory of items that are selected for moving.

6 Weeks Before

Order Supplies

Get the boxes along with other supplies like tape, permanent markers, bubble wrap. Ordering specialty containers like wardrobe boxes, dish barrels will be a good idea.

Use of Items

It will be nice if you start using the perishable items like frozen and cleaning supplies as perishable food item can be spoilt on the way so, no need to carry them and use in regular days for eating so that they can be finished.

Take Measurements

Getting the dimensions of your new house will help you in getting the furniture of your old house as you will get the idea that which furniture can easily fit into the new one and can easily get through the door of the new house.

1 Month Before

Choose the Mover

let’s finalize the mover from the options and estimated that you have. Get the confirmation from the moving company and fix the moving date so that they can reach with quality services.

Begin Packing

It’s the time that you must start the packing those items that are not frequently used in daily life like croquet set and so on. During packing, it will be wise to note the special value of items as these will need additional insurance from the moving company.


As you start packing, label and number every box along with its content. Mentioning room also will be convenient for you at the time of opening it. It will aid in keeping the inventory.

2 Weeks Before

Emptying the safe deposit box

Remove all the content of the safe deposit box and keep all those things in a safe box as it will be taken with you only on the day of moving.

Reconfirm your appointment with the moving company.

1 Week Before

Stock up all your prescription which will be needed by you for some weeks after moving.

Pack Suitcases

Few days before the moving, start packing your suitcase with clothes.

Finally, when the moving truck is shown that you have hired, check that no box is left in the house and sign the inventory list. Also, keep a copy of this inventory.

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