Buyers have endless reasons for wanting to change agents. It might be because the agent does not respond early enough to inquiries or they do not give full answers to the questions the buyer asks. All these create an image that the agent is not dedicated to the needs of the buyer.

A Property buyer can find a second agent to replace the first one after assessing them and concluding that they have the qualities they want in an agent that the first one lacks. The transition can be rough, but there are ways you can make it work for yourself.

During the entire process, keep in mind that if you have not signed a buyer’s broker agreement, no agent has a claim on you. This means you can switch or replace an agent and find one who is better for you anytime you choose to.

It is different when you had signed an agreement, and you want to hire another agent. The following are three things you should consider for this case:

Read Your Contract

It is advisable that you read your contract again and carefully. Check for a cancellation clause and what it says about parting before the contract expires. Look for the conditions stipulated for when you want to part before the expiration of the deal. Check on the list of duties for both the broker and the buyer and write down all your grievances. Report the broker if they are not fulfilling their stated responsibilities. The rights to termination are in the contract in the termination agreement. Write a letter of termination as a requirement in the procedure. Also, ensure that you receive a signed termination letter from the real estate agent, which will prove that your parting is legal or legitimate.

Use Diplomacy

During this process, remember to keep your emotions in check. Be professional even if you feel like the agent did not perform their duties as required. Be respectful when speaking to the real estate agent and explain to them your dissatisfaction. If the real estate agent is a good and level headed one, they will acknowledge that the best thing to do is to end the agreement. They can even suggest other property search agents for you that you can continue working with. Ask for suggestions of other colleagues from your broker if he or she comes from a brokerage firm. If you prefer not to work with the same firm, you can thank the agent for all he or she has accomplished for you that long and inform them that you have found a new agent.

Write a Letter

After terminating the agreement, writing a letter is the final step you should take to protect yourself from paying a commission later if any issue arises. Immediately you inform the agent that you desire to end the relationship, write this letter. It will make things official when ending the partnership. It is a reliable and sure way to inform the agent that the agreement has ended. It will even safeguard you if the agent decides to continue looking for properties for you after you have already agreed to stop the partnership. A good property search agent will however, stop searching for properties for you after they receive the letter.

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