Nothing says “The Great Outdoors” quite as a quality cabin does! From William Wordsworth in Britain to Henry David Thoreau in America, cabin life has routinely served as an inspiration for some of the greatest minds and most profound works of prose and poetry in the English language.

Part of the appeal of cabins surely stems from the manner in which they stand in stark contrast to the urbanity of modern life. This was true in Wordsworth’s and Thoreau’s day as well when the former “wandered lonely as a cloud” and the latter hung around Walden Pond, both ditching the hustle and bustle of booming metropolitan life in industrial-era London and New York. That contrast, of course, is even greater today, which in turn makes building and relaxing in a cabin all the more appealing.

That said, not all cabins are created equal so here are a few things to consider when building your own log cabins away from it all.

Pavilion Cabins

Different cabins offer different benefits and pavilion options are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to up his or her game when it comes to home décor. Something of a blend of gazebos and traditional cabins, these six- to eight-sided beauties are typically small, intimate, and designed to provide a lovely one-room space to while away the hours in your garden or lawn during those long lazy summer afternoons. Pavilion cabins come in a wide range of colours and ready-to-assemble parts, making them a quick no-hassle way to enjoy a little cabin space from the comfort of your own backyard.

Corner Garden Cabins

While pavilion gardens are fantastic in the short stretches for which they are designed, their intimate confines mean that they’re not exactly the type of place where you’d likely want to stay or sleep the whole night through. Closer to that ideal are corner garden cabins, which typically feature one to two full-size rooms in a design large enough to be accommodating while still fitting cosily into the corner of your backyard or garden area. These types of cabins are larger than their pavilion counterparts and thus vary a bit more in terms of scale and shape. Some corner garden options are large single spaces while others feature clearly divided rooms as part of the structural design. Take the time to think over what type of design best fits your planned usage and select the type of corner garden cabin that fits accordingly.

Multi-Room Cabins

These are the type of cabins that are truly designed as a fully realised guest house or space ready to live in. As the name would suggest, they feature multiple rooms, which are themselves highly adaptable and can be made to function as everything from guest rooms to outdoor library or lounge areas to any number of different options. These types of cabins are generally quite upscale, feature quality glazing, and are likewise customisation-friendly.

Whether you’re looking for a brief respite from the outside world or simply somewhere to rest whilst sitting in your garden, installing a cabin in your home is truly a great décor decision!

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