As a small business owner, you know how important your inventory is. You’ve already spent your hard-earned money on all of the products you are trying to sell. Regardless of whether you sell jewellery or t-shirts, your products are precious to you, and you can’t risk losing any of them. Security is an important concern for a lot of small business owners, but not many store owners know how to keep their shop safe at night or during the day. There is always the risk of a break-in, and if you were to lose some of your inventory, you’d have a really hard time making enough money to turn a profit.

It is important to protect your storefront, but if you are not sure how to keep the security high enough, you should learn about some of these simple security tips that can dramatically decrease the chances of a break-in during the middle of the night.

Security Grille

Your shop might have thick glass windows and a sturdy door, but is that really enough to prevent a break-in in the middle of the night? Even thick glass can be shattered, and even if you have insurance protecting you in case of theft or a break-in, you still can’t risk losing your inventory. If you are concerned about protecting your glass windows and doors, there’s a solution for you.

Roller grilles are designed to keep intruders out after the store is closed. These metal rollers are attached to the top of your storefront like a garage door, and they can roll down so that they are blocking the entrance to your store once you close the roller. These rollers are made of thick, durable metal that cannot be easily broken. Burglars know not to attempt breaking into a store that has a metal roller grille, because they are too difficult to break through.


Once you have a roller grille in place, you can move onto the next security solution. You see, rollers work best during the middle of the night after your store is closed, but how can you prevent a robbery while your store is open? Security cameras can be an effective solution to protect your storefront.

Criminals are afraid of being captured on video, even if they are wearing a hood or a baseball cap. New high-definition security cameras can capture detailed video and pictures of anyone attempting to shoplift or cause trouble. In the interest of protecting yourself and your inventory, it’s a good idea to install a few cameras in key locations in your store.

Security Door

If a roller grille won’t work for you, you should consider installing a security door instead. Rather than rolling from the ceiling, a security door slides all the way across your store’s entrance like a gate. It is stored conveniently out of the way while your store is open. These security doors are strengthened by thick metal bars that can keep intruders out after your store is closed.

Always remember that implementing more security solutions will lead to a lower risk of theft and break-ins.

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