If you have a business with an outdoor seating area, it may not see much use during the daytime in the summer because of the weather. While having a drink or a meal may be possible after the sun has set for the evening, during the day it can be too hot to be outside without shade. Fortunately, you can create a shaded area with a retractable roof system and enjoy these benefits.

Expand Space

If your business doesn’t have an outdoor space for guests, you can create one with a retractable roof system. The front of your restaurant or pub or the back of it can be converted into usable space by adding a few tables and chairs. An outdoor area will help increase sales as many people like to dine or have a few drinks outside on nice days.

Provides Versatility

A retractable roof system makes it easy to provide shade when it’s sunny outside or if it starts raining lightly. The roofing material can be unfurled during the day to provide shade or protection from rain and, on nice evenings, it can be retracted so your guest can dine under the stars. The roof can also be partially drawn when the weather is nice to allow those who want shade to sit beneath it while others soak up the sun.

Reduces Energy Costs

Along with providing a shaded seating area, a retractable roof system can help reduce energy costs in the summer. It will block the sun from shining in store or restaurant windows, preventing the interior from growing hot. This means your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep the indoor temperature comfortable for your guests, which reduces your costs.

Light the Night

Some retractable roof systems are available with LED lighting so you can light your business’s outdoor space in the evening. This will make it an inviting area for your customers who want to dine outside when the weather is pleasant. Even if it starts to rain, the roof will protect them so they don’t have to worry about getting wet while outside.

Easy to Operate

Retracting the roof is easy to do with a motorised retractable roof system. You can have a button installed inside of the building to draw the material out or back in when you want to create shade or cover the area to protect your guests from rain. Many systems also operate via remote to allow you to operate it when you’re serving guests in the outdoor space.

Wide Colour Variety

The materials used to create a retractable roof system come in a wide variety of colours so it is easy to choose one to match your company’s colours. Using the same colour as you do for your logo or uniforms of your restaurant or pub helps to reinforce your business’s brand. It will also be recognisable to those familiar with the business and make it easier to locate.

A retractable roof system provides many benefits for your business which can help increase revenues.

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