The drainage system on the average house is rather a complex system of pipes and connections, and although it is very much concealed, it is nevertheless essential to the smooth running of the home. Out of sight, out of mind is not the attitude to take with domestic drainage and any blockage can quickly become an expensive issue, which is why it pays to have the drains inspected periodically. There are online specialists who offer a comprehensive service, and if you have never really given drain inspection a thought, here are a few reasons why you should.

  1. Prevention is Better than Cure – If a drain inspection were to show up a crack in one of the main waste pipes, this can be repaired with no damage to the property, but if it is not repaired, there is a likelihood of a major collapse, which you really want to avoid if at all possible. Modern drainage inspection uses CCTV technology, which allows the technician to see everything before making a diagnosis, and if you happen to live , 3 Flow Drainage are an established company that carry out drainage inspections at an affordable price.
  1. Avoid Unhealthy Blockages – Blocked drains are a health hazard, and it is not the ideal environment for a family, and by inspecting your drains on a regular basis, any signs of a blockage can be dealt with accordingly. One way to help prevent such a thing is to install special steel mesh filters over all the sink plug holes, which will stop any residue or solid objects from entering the system.
  1. Encourage Trouble Free Water Flow–The drainage pipes that run to the main drains are typically 9 inch in diameter and even small debris can cause a partial blockage, which usually becomes larger with time, and with modern CCTV inspection devices, it is possible to conduct a thorough visual inspection.
  1. Ensure a Damp-Free Interior – Blocked drains invariably lead to dampness spreading, and as any builder would tell you, this is usually the beginning of wet or dry rot. If you would like to have peace of mind, knowing that your drainage system is in good order, an online search will bring up a list of specialists, who, with state of the art equipment, can inspect all the drainage system and recommend any repairs that might be needed.
  1. Protect your Investment – The drainage system is a vital component of the property, and for that reason, it should be regularly inspected for damage of blockage, and even though the drains are concealed, they still require maintenance, as does everything. The astute homeowner would have the drains inspected annually, along with the roof, guttering and plumbing, as all of these systems are vital to the well-being of the property.

Inspecting drains is no longer the difficult and dirty job it once was, and with online companies that specialise in CCTV drain inspections, it isn’t an issue to source someone local who can carry out the inspection.

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