You cannot deny the appeal of a four poster type of canopy bed or a four poster that is made of iron. Bed frames of this type are distinctive as they are featured in gunmetal, ivory, or black. All the bases are finished in black, except the bases that are matched with ivory frames.

Slat-Type Bases

You may wonder if you should choose a solid divan base or slatted base. Both of the bases are ideal for a poster-type bed as they are sturdy and indestructible. Slatted bases feature slats that are closely spaced. Therefore, they offer excellent support as well a superior steel frame design. A slatted base often softens the feel of your mattress a bit as the slats are laminated and are configured into a sprung slat design. Assembly takes about 30 minutes for this type of base.

Upholstered Bases

Upholstered divan bases fit nicely into a strong frame made of steel. They offer the type of solid support that can be used for any type of mattress. Assembly for this type of base is even quicker. It takes about 10 minutes. This type of base is also easier to move.

The Size of the Beds

Four-poster beds normally measure around 207 centimetres from the top of a post’s ball to the floor. When you buy a bed that displays four posters, you will also have to review your selections for mattresses. A four poster bed takes well to both pocket sprung mattress and memory foam mattress designs.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress features small springs that are separated inside cylindrical pockets that are made of material. Because they are not held by wires, they do not produce a ripple effect when a person rises up from a bed. These types of mattresses are cooler than their memory foam counterparts as well.

A Healthy Mattress Option

When reviewing the choices of pocket sprung mattresses, you need to look at the number of springs in the designs as well as the thickness or depth of the fillings. The quality of the fillings above the springs makes this type of mattress more luxurious than others. The natural layers in the product feel exceptionally soft and fluffy and offer optimum air flow. As a result, the fillings provide a healthy option to the synthetic materials that are used in other mattress products.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress are considered supportive as well as comfortable. However, as noted, they are warm sometimes and a little restrictive, in some people’s opinions. Because your natural body heat softens and warms the foam, you will feel more in the way of heat. However, the foam also reduces the pressure exerted over the body, thereby improving blood circulation and oxygen usage. In turn, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the sleeper’s muscles and tissues.

A memory foam mattress does not need to be turned as regular mattresses do. Instead, it features a zip-off cover that normally is dry-cleaned. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, which makes it an ideal mattress for allergy sufferers.

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