Ilford is one of England’s most popular and scenic boroughs that has recently undergone a population boom. The rapidly developing town has seen continuous growth and restructuring, calling in a huge mass of home buyers, time and again. Ilford consists of giant stretches of lands that are allotted to greenery and open spaces. It provides close connectivity to London and a variety of property stocks at reasonable prices, which successfully made Ilford a hub in high demand.

Let’s walk through the main grounds that turned Ilford as a top choice for home buyers.

Ilford’s past 

Ilford used to be a tiny rural settlement located in south-west Essex. Thereafter, it sprung into a busy town, and subsequently, attracted the population of London and other big cities that were located nearby. It was given the status of a municipal borough in 1926, and soon after, it became a part of Greater London. 

Life at Ilford 

Ilford is a beautiful as well as peaceful suburban area that many of the working professionals prefer to live in, especially if their workplace is located in Central London or adjacent areas. Due to Ilford’s proximity with London and the well-connected transportation routes, plenty of professionals prefer the daily commute as they wish to enjoy both city life as well as the soothing countryside. Even though it is a suburban town, Ilford offers a plethora of options when it comes to recreational facilities like shopping malls, pubs, exquisite restaurants, food courts, etc. While the renowned Kenneth More theatre hosts an array of musicals and plays, several sports activities are practised at the borough’s local sports centre. 

Reasonable Property Prices

The real estate agents in Ilford offer a wide range of property choices and that too at affordable rates as compared to London and other cities. Many dwellers prefer spacious houses and are opting for Ilford after considering the economical convenience. 

Best Local Hot Spots 

Ilford is bestowed with numerous tourist spots, which work to attract the crowd even more. Some of the most well-known destinations include Valentines Park, Redbridge Museum, Ilford Hospital Chapel, Seven Kings Park and several other absolutely delightful locations that only add to Ilford’s appeal and splendour.

The town is being re-developed and rejuvenated while experiencing a population surge. Hence, Ilford is only going to witness growth in the coming years, and this is probably the best time to explore the options of buying your dream house in Ilford. Therefore, reach out to the real estate agents in Ilford without any further delay as they will be able to provide you with the guidance and make it a lot easier for you to pick out the most suitable property in this scenic suburban charm. 

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