The chest drawer with top changing table is one place where most of the new parents will be spending a lot of time. A changing table is a small raised platform which is designed to allow parents to change their baby’s diaper. Most of the change tables are made of different types of woods, such as oak or pine. It is often a part of a nursery furniture set.

Baby clothes storage Ringwood is a place where you can buy a world class quality of chest drawer with change table at the top. This chest drawer is specially designed to keep different things like clothes, diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, and many other necessary baby products within arm’s reach in their drawers. So, you have never worry about leaving your child unattended.

One more benefit of buying this chest drawer is that it is designed to be at a comfortable height, which also makes it easy to swoop in for some hard-to-resist baby nuzzling. Having this chest drawer, you can organise your kid’s clothes very easily and also in a proper way. The topmost surface of this chest drawer is used to rest your baby when your are changing her or her diaper or clothes.

Here is a list of such things which you can consider while buying a chest of drawers with top change table for your toddler.

A guardrail (Railing) 

Many changing tables have guard rails around the top of the changing table that helps to keep your child safely on the table. It is one of the most important features which you have to be considered when buying. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, always choose the chest drawers with top changing table which have the railing that’s at least 2 inches high on all sides.


 When it comes to a baby changing table, sturdiness is also an important factor to look for while purchasing one. Before buying this nursery furniture, always read the customer reviews and comments to ensure the strength of this product.

Moreover, it is also advisable to buy a baby changing table which is made of solid wood items, because a few wooden material type are going to be more sturdier than others after assembling, than pressed wood or wood composite items. Many changing tables have both, so always look for models that are predominantly made of solid wood.

Changing Pads

Almost all of the chest drawers with top baby changing tables comes with a changing pad. Always choose those changing tables that have a thick and contoured changing pad. Because they help to keep your baby from rolling too far in either direction. Make sure that the changing pad is cleaned easily with a wipe.

The changing table you select for your toddler must have changing pad that is covered with soft fabric, because their soft fabric covered changing pads may feel more comfortable. Always make sure that there’s also a safety strap that goes across your child’s body that helps to keep your baby from rolling-off.         

Storage shelves 

This is one of the most popular features of a baby changing table. Having a separate drawer or shelves, in which you can store diapers, baby clothes, toys and many other necessary baby items are a way more comfortable option. If you choose those changing tables which have shelves at comfortable heights, then you won’t have to bend or take your eyes off from your baby to access other required items. 

Winding Up

Nowadays, most of the new parents prefer to buy and use the chest of drawers with top change table for their kids. The changing tables that Baby Direct offers are quite spacious and allow you to beautifully organise your child’s clothes and have an easy access to all other necessary baby items while changing. The chest of drawers has been used for centuries. It is not simply a piece of your nursery furniture primarily used for storing your child’s clothes. It can be a valuable heritage to your grandchildren.

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