When it comes to home designs, you put attention to every detail, starting from the positioning of the glass wall in the living to the front patio’s length. So, since you are focusing on everything, why are you leaving behind your house’s windows?

Gone are the days when architects and house owners install a simple looking glass or wooden window held together by a sturdy frame. In this present time, people are looking for trendy windows, which will serve the same purpose of privacy and transparency but with enhanced style and vigor.

Unfortunately, almost seventy percent of the UK population is unaware of this very fact that a specific window film can bring in changes in the home décor. For this reason, we will describe here the best three window solutions which you can choose for your residence to increase its aesthetic beauty and serenity.

Loud But Clear Ceiling To Floor Glass Window 

This particular window design is famous in commercial architectures, as the glass wall windows impart a sense of professionalism, tranquility, and transparency to the buildings. Recently, architects and home designers are implementing the same idea in residential structures also.

The high walls of the living, the lounge, or the bedroom are made from glass, which allows a full view of the outdoors. Also, having a glass wall window will allow natural light to illuminate the area. There are two main ways to install these windows:

Frameless window with no demarcation at the sides of the center.
Framed glass walls where the glass panels are held in place with the help of the skeletal framework.

Skylight And High Wall Windows 

Another outstanding window film solution of the era is the skylights and the high wall windows. Here, the ceiling is made in a conical shape, and instead of the standard brick or concrete material, glasses are used to add transparency to the house design. This arrangement is termed as the skylight window. Apart from this, you can also add the glass to the high wall sections exposed to the outside world.

Garden Windows 

Lastly, the most chosen window style in 2020 is the garden windows. Here, the window parapet is extended in the outward direction, with a bed in this extension. You can add soil to the ground and plant some herbal plants. You can also add potted plants that grow well in sunlight. This particular window style is perfect for kitchens and small living spaces.

Since the architecture industry is adopting several new but incredible designs, one thing is exact- your house will never become too dull to live in. So, try any of these three major window styles and enhance the beauty of your residence.

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