The sofa is the most conspicuous furniture in every home. The furniture, at times referred as the couch, has undergone major evolution since inception to the current designs common in the living rooms. This post takes a closer look at different luxury sofa pieces in the market that you should know.

The Knole designer sofa

This is one of the top antique furniture designs that have become irresistible for stylish living rooms. It has its origins in the 17th Century England but has been passed through generations to become one of the most preferred options in the market today.

The Knole sofa features uniquely positioned arms on the sides that drop like leaves. Like the original design, this sofa helps to bring a throne-like feeling right into the living room. Note that in the modern design, the high arms have been shortened to make it extra comfortable to place the hands-on when relaxing in the living room.

The Chesterfield designer sofa

If you ask many people about the most stylish sofa styles in the market today, one name that is likely to feature prominently is Chesterfield. This iconic sofa has its origin in the 18th Century and its design has persisted to date.

Just like its founding era, the Chesterfield design is still associated with the high and mighty in the society. Most top businesses, political offices, and high-end meeting points opt to use Chesterfield sofas to signify value and style. However, as more manufacturers join the market, the Chesterfield furniture is becoming a top option for many homeowners.

The sofa is designed as a bench with armrests that are partly or completely upholstered. In addition, they are fitted with springs and cushions to make them comfortable and stylish.

Note that though the original frame of the sofa was designed from wood, new variations have seen laminate boards, plastic, and steel being adopted. These have helped to pull down the cost of the sofa with a great margin. Besides, the cover can be made from soft leather, linen, or corduroy.

The English Club designer sofa

This is a top retro furniture piece that has its origin in the 20th century. It was a traditional British interior sofa that featured pleated and rolled arms set back from the front section. It was designed to bring out a casual yet sophisticated outlook to the living rooms.

Like the name suggested, the sofa was initially adopted as a high-end club piece. But its unique design and comfort saw it getting adopted in most living rooms today. Many people prefer to use the sofa with two armchairs on opposite sides for holding important guests or friends.

The Art Deco designer sofa

This is a good representation of the Art Deco furniture that had its origin in the 20th Century. The sofa is very comfortable and stylish especially when matched with other furniture from the same era. It features curved lines and flattened planes.

The edges are piped to help keep the style crisp while emphasizing on simplicity. The sofa is preferred by people who want to make a fashion statement through their living rooms. The most notable thing about the furniture is that it matches well with most interior décor designs.

The corner designer sofa

The corner sofa has become the primary option for modern homeowners. The main focus of the piece is delivering comfort, style, and flexibility. No matter the size or design of your room, there are different options to suit your needs. For example, you can opt for the left-facing chaise, open-ended, right-facing chaise, corner, or armless designs among others.

Note that the corner sofa matches well with most décor designs in your living room. No matter whether you prefer an antique driven theme or a modern one, the luxury corner design will never disappoint.

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