Wood screws usage is extensive for DIY projects. It is the most widely used fasteners for any sort of woodworking. These are mainly used to give a solid strength that firmly holds the joints together. They are also used to attach hardware, hinges and locks too. There are several various types of screws that one can use for DIY projects. But you have to be sure which wood screws are right for your project.

As you know that there are many varieties of wood screws, it is necessary to understand the certain features of them to choose appropriately.

Let’s talk about the list of things that one must consider before buying wood screws.


You can find combination screw head with both slotted and Phillips screwdrivers. But you must know that the slotted screws are more slip-prone. And a Phillip screw head gives you good torque. A square head screw allows you to better grip with less slipping. The round shaped head top has flat underside and is good for projects of thin wooden material. Flat screws are good for hinges and can be fitted into tapered recesses. The oval head screws have the combination of rounded top and tapered bottom.

Brass and Metal Screws

Screws come in varying shapes and sizes and are of different materials and brass screws are one of them. Brass screws are flattened and are good for wooden projects especially for hinges. Metal screws, on the other hand, are not specifically used for wood works. But it can be used to hold two pieces of wood together. Wood screws of drywall and sheet metal screws are also used in wood projects. A wood screw does not have threads. A drywall screw lacks threads too and can cut wood without splintering.

Many screws have a gullet at the end that works like the drill bit and reduce the chance of splitting the wood when you drive in a wooden project.

Ease of Removal

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You need to see if the wood screw is removable or not. In case you make a mistake you need to change it and remove the wood screw. But this removal depends on the type of size and shape factor.

Ease of Use

You can easily apply wood screw as it already has a sharp tip that can penetrate well into the wood. You can also pinpoint the place and can use a wood screw without even using drilling a pilot hole. In case you want to create a pilot hole then do pre-drill and put a screw in from any angle you wish. Comparing to nails wood screws are faster. Through these screws, you can easily chisel through wood.

If you know which wood screws are right for your project, then half of the problem is solved for your DIY project. Make sure you get only the best quality products to form the best brands available in the market. Your DIY project is your idea and creativity. Therefore you must get the right wood screws to make the project successful in the best way possible.

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