A glazier may be referred to as an individual that is engaged in working cuts and re-fitting of glass for his or her customers. The learned glaziers usually undergo apprenticeship programs and acquire necessary certifications from National Glass Association and other such authorities. Those intending to join this career need to possess high school diploma and or apprenticeship.

Glazier job requirements – The glaziers are engaged in all types of glass that they work with. They are the people that are acquainted with cutting and fitting of the glass. They are able to work in multiple settings as far as glass is concerned. These noble guys may be required to replace the windows as regards residential tasks while installation of security windows may be required for commercial tasks. Installing panels and curtain walls may also be included in their specific tasks.

Duties and responsibilities – These noble persons including the ones working for glaziers in Birmingham are required to cut, replace smoothen and select the glass pieces for varied projects. They need to work for the residential and commercial projects. Industrial tasks are also handled by the glaziers that know the ABCD of their trade. Suction cups are used by these persons for mounting the glass that is secured with putty, metal clips or rubber gaskets. Use of power tools like saws, drills and grinders is made by the glaziers that utilize computers too for proper layout. It is useful in saving the glass from being wasted.  

Generally the glaziers are expected to do the following jobs-

  1. Follow specifications and blueprints.
  2. Removal of old broken glass before installing the new.
  3.      Cutting of glass to the specified shape and size.
  4. Install or make moldings or sashes for installation of glass.
  5.      Fasten the glass pieces into frames or the sashes with moldings, clips or other such fasteners.
  6.   Add putty, weather seal or other such materials around the glass panes for sealing the joints.

How to start as a glazier – Those interested in going ahead with as successful glazier may join a senior experienced glazier. Local glaziers may be of great help. This is the best way to acquire hands-on experience. The student glazier may graduate to a full-time glazier after acquiring few months/years expertise in this line. He or she is able to learn how to cut, fit and install the required pieces of glass. The apprentices learn the basic math and engineering skills during the classroom activities and applying the same on the job. Local state apprenticeship agencies also facilitate apprenticeship training programs.

Certification – Authorization for working as a glazier is a must in many states. The relevant authorities including the National Glass Association facilitate the same.

The certification is of three levels –

  1. Glazier
  2. Residential and commercial or  glazier, residential and commercial or curtain wall
  3. Storefront glazier and master glazier.

Issued online, these certifications need some sort of registration fee. Written exam are held. The certification is the proof of the candidate having passed the standard of excellence related to his or her task and professionalism & knowledge.

Employment opportunities – Plenty of jobs with hefty salaries and individual remuneration await the glaziers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has expected the same to increase by about seventeen percent by the year 2022. It is because of the enhancement of use of glass in commercial construction. Residential sectors also do not lag behind.

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