When you have steel doors installed at home, you usually do not need do a lot of maintenance. However, it is important to keep in mind that steel doors can develop several issues that require immediate attention. Not paying adequate attention to those issues would lead to costly steel doors repair.

Many people think that if their steel doors develop certain issues, it is better to have them replaced instead of getting them repaired. While replacement is certainly an option in certain cases, you do not always need to go this way. Steel doors repair is probably a better solution in the following cases. For instance:

  • You may not have to replace the door if you are experience hinge damage only. You need to keep in mind that when working around your steel door, do not try to prop it open with the help of a mop handle or something that puts a lot of stress on the hinge. The pressure can break the weld points and leave you a improperly gapped door. It may even result in an inoperable opening. Whatever the reason, you can repair most hinge related issues. Since you will have to remove the door to get to the hinge and then have to drill welding holes, it is better to ask a specialist do it for you. They are especially trained to handle such repair work and they also know how to proceed when there are fire labeled openings on the door.
  • You may not have to replace the door if a hole has developed somewhere. Steel doors are quite sturdy, but they are so pliable as well. Therefore, it is easy to weld patch over the affected area to resolve the issue. But again, you should be very careful when patching holes and ensure that you follow any fire rated procedures while doing steel doors repair.
  • Just like patching holes, you can also deal with dents in your steel doors with utmost ease. You will certainly have to replace your wooden door if there is a dent or break, but steel doors are different, especially if the dent has not affected the inner layer of the door. All you have to do is apply bondo, sand, and then pain the door.

The fact of the matter is that steel doors are usually quite sturdy, but constant exposure to harsh weather conditions can lead to certain problems. The good thing is that you do not always need to replace the entire door because steel doors can be ground, welded, and patched to start working again. Steel doors repair is often relatively inexpensive, and you really do not have to replace it in most cases. However, if you have tried to repair it but the problem persists, do not automatically assume that it needs a replacement. Simply, call a professional who specializes in steel doors repair and let them have a closer look at your doors. They will inspect everything carefully and then determine if you should replace it or they can repair it to make it functional again.

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