If you’re tasked with completing a project that is going to need the largest skip you can get your hands on, you may be confused by the sheer number of skips available for hire on the market.

You need not worry as there is a clear set of guidelines that you should follow to secure the right skip for your requirements.

What Does the Project Involve?

First you need to figure out exactly what you’re going to be disposing off. This will be determined by the reason for hiring the skip. If for example you were decommissioning a commercial building, you would likely be disposing of the following:

  • Chairs including the standard fixed leg type as well as operator swivel chairs that you would usually use at a personal desk.
  • Tables of varying sizes. This would also include the desks that staff sit at to work.
  • Various sizes and types of filing cabinet, usually made from metal or timber.
  • Large quantities of cardboard and paper.
  • Old computer and electrical equipment that no longer works.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the types of waste you may need to dispose of and should help you decide on the size of skip you will need. Other common uses of a skip include for the disposal of waste building materials during a construction project. These can include:

  • Large quantities of brickwork and blockwork from the demolition of walls.
  • Large quantities of PVC pipework.
  • Roof tiles made from clay or slate.
  • Bathroom fittings such as sinks and toilet pans.
  • Timber stud walls finished with plaster.

As such, this type of waste would need an entirely different type of skip. 

Large Skips

A large skip can be anywhere up to 14 cubic yards in capacity. This is going to allow you to dispose of anywhere up to 210 bin bags full of waste.

What is important to remember is that larger skips are not suitable for carrying dense waste such as that disposed of during a construction project. This is because once full, a large skip cannot be lifted onto the back of a skip wagon for removal.

Because of this, large skips would be far more suitable for disposing of furniture and paper as these items are far less dense so when a skip is full, it is still manageable.

Roll On Off Skips

Luckily there is another skip that is available that offers just as much capacity and sometimes much more. The difference here is that these skips aren’t lifted into the air and are instead physical rolled back onto their trailers. For this reason, they are suitable for disposing of heavy and dense waste.

Hire a Skip

Skips are available for hire across the country. Skip hire Berkshire can be arranged through one of the many companies who operate throughout Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Every skip hire company will be able to offer you exactly what you need.

Hopefully you’re now much clearer on how a skip could benefit your latest project, making your job much easier.

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