Nicely designed durable furniture in our sweet homes, comfy offices and gardens are a matter of great pride and pleasure for all of us. Undoubtedly, we all would be charmed with new and latest things including furniture items like the teak garden benches that give us pride. But all are not so rich to buy fresh items every now and then. So it is wise to maintain everything by putting in our best that includes proper cleaning and good placing.

Those wishing to give everlasting looks to their sofas, tables, benches and bookshelves etc should emphasize the following:

Wise purchases – Be suggested to buy quality furniture for your residence or office. Same is true with your garden furniture that should also be owned with extra care. Be wise to buy simply designed furniture items for any space. It is very easy to clean simple but good looking furniture items including the ones made from a combination of wood, glass, metal and silky clothes etc.

The flow of air – Do see that there is sufficient space in between the furniture pieces that you place in your bedroom, drawing room or elsewhere. Perfect ventilation is a must otherwise the furniture is going to gather dust and other harmful particles that damage it in a big way.

Avoid sun exposure – Be wise to see that the furniture items are not exposed to hot sun rays that deteriorate it faster. It is suggested to prevent the sun rays to enter the spaces where you place the furniture. Heat could melt the polish and destroy the material with which the furniture is built.

Prevent water – Many people do not exercise due care for the furniture items that are prone to damages because of water. Extra care should be initiated when you clean your rooms or offices as the use of water is quite common during the cleaning process. So be wise to squeeze the clothes properly that you use to clean the premises. This would save the furniture.

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Thorough cleaning – It is recommended to give the thorough cleaning of the furniture items that must be dusted and cleaned in proper manners. No filth should be allowed to get accumulated on the furniture that you own and place in your drawing rooms, offices or the beloved gardens that spread fragrance and greenery all around.

Use soft detergents – Many people run after money and buy harsh soaps and detergents for cleaning the sofas, beds, benches and tables etc. It is a bad practice as hard soaps etc are certain to put bad effects on the furniture items in your gardens or rooms. Streaks, scratches and other shabby signs are the results of using harsh detergents. Gentle detergents are the right answer to damages. Add some vinegar to fresh warm water and use the mixture to clean the furniture that starts giving fresh looks.

So you know the significance of proper maintenance of furniture! Prefer maintaining the teak garden benches, tables and chairs etc by following the above simple methods.  

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