If you are on the lookout for pivot doors to light up your home or office, you are in the right place. Opening these pivot doors even at 360 degrees brings in a lot of opportunities. Apart from its stylish and elegant look, it gives convenience, stability, and the much-needed appeal for your place. 

In these modern days, many prefer glass pivot doors as they are not only protectors but also visual masterpieces that could strike anyone with a difference.  They are the best choice for your home or office appeal with artistic glass doors that could mesmerize anyone. Coming in many shapes and sizes along with unlimited designs, they are the first choice of the people in the world now. 

Clear glass doors 

Glass doors made of tempered glass with thermal treatment gives it the greater flexural breaking strength and with thermal and shock resistance. Though they are many times more potent than standard glass, in the event of breakage, the glass shatters into small pieces to not cause any damage. The transparent, tinted, and frosted glass pivot days have their advantages and accordingly preferred by many people easy to frame them with wood, metal, or tinted glass for the much-desired look you wanted for your home or office.

Doors with pivot hinges 

Even an infant could open 150-kilogram weighing doors with ease. It’s a speciality of these doors having the high-tech comfort closure that works actively in both swing directions. With innovative designs, they are made even to open up at 360 degrees. Also, these creative pivot hinges enable all possible customization of the glass pivot doors. 

Benefits of glass pivot doors 

  • Gives the glamour appeal to your home or office with the stark, sleek, modern and aesthetic looks
  • Tempered glass pivot doors are five-time stronger compared to  standard glass and provide the much-needed strength to the home or office
  • As it comes with an integrated hold open and soft-close system, it is easy to open and close these doors
  • It provides a crystal clear view to know what is happening outside sitting in a chair
  • Being more massive than the conventional doors, they easily allow even larger items through them
  • It saves a lot of space as it covers only minimal space area while opening the doors
  • Since it covers only half the portion of each area while opening, it saves space
  • While keeping the doors open they are not one door but two to sending the stale air out and bringing in the fresh air

Glass pivot doors are now the favourite design statement of many people worldwide.

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