With the ever-increasing demands for space, self-storage has broadened its existence and applications. These storage units are the small or large containers, lockers or rooms which are rented to the tenant for a low duration of time. The self-storage units are a boon for those who are short of space and need storage space for keeping their commodities. These are very advantageous for every occasion and purpose. Some of the advantages are: –

  • During refurbishing of the house
  • Summer breaks
  • Moving into a new apartment
  • Shifting into a smaller house
  • Emergencies
  • Staging the home

It is straightforward to find the self-storage unit in a particular place. One can easily google it as storage units near me. These storage units have gained enormous importance in places like West Palm Beach with a large population.

Standard sizes of self-storage

Apart from these, there are much more benefits offered by these self- storage units. These units come in various sizes according to the requirement of the person. Choosing the right kind of storage unit is very important as it should be according to the needs of the individual. There are different standard sizes of storage units which are as: –

  • 5’×5’
  • 5’×10’
  • 10’×10’
  • 10’×15’
  • 10’×20’
  • 10’×30’

One can easily choose from these sizes according to his/her requirements.

Things to be kept in self-storage units: –

  • Furniture: – It is one of the most commonly kept things in the self- storage units. By selecting the right size of the unit one can easily place furniture of any size. There are some deliberations which are to be kelp in mind while storing the furniture. These are
  • The storage unit must be free from moisture as in moisture molds and mildews can easily attack the furniture and damage it.
  • The furniture must be kept above the ground level as it provides good ventilation and prevents the furniture from pests.
  1. The furniture must be covered with a cloth so as to prevent it from getting dirty.
  2. The legs of the tables must be removed so as to manage the space efficiently.
  • Electronics: – Electronics are delicate goods which are affected by very hot and very cold climate. Therefore, a temperature controlled storage space is necessary to store the electronic goods. One must not forget that dust is another factor which damages the electronic goods by scratching or by clogging the ducts. One must ensure that the goods are properly covered before putting them into the self-storage units.
  • Books and apparels: – While storing the books, it should be kept in mind that the books should remain dry and safe from attack of moths and pests. One must cover them properly in the boxes and then place it in the units. Apparels are also stored by packing them in boxes by properly folding them.

These self-storage units are very advantageous, and the person needs to consider the contacts, insurance and, fees while booking for a self- storage unit. These self-storage units have simplified the problems of keeping the surplus commodities to a more considerable extent.

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